Film Glossary

Film Production Accountant means

Production Accountant

Production accountant is responsible for managing & maintaining financial records during film production, they do record a day-to-day basis spending’s report & notify to the

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production coordinator means

Production Coordinator

Production Coordinator also called as “Production Office Coordinator“, is responsible for all kinds of administrative tasks of film production includes logistics, renting equipment’s, coordinating talent,

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film production manager means

Production Manager

Production manager is next to the line producer who is responsible for managing physical aspects of the production including budget, scheduling, personnel. During production, got

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Line produced by, Film Line producer means

Line Producer

Line Producer is a type of film producer who is a key manager responsible for daily operations, logistics, budget management in a film.He/She manages the

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Executive Producer means, EP means

Executive Producer

An Executive Producer (EP) is a investor in films or someone who facilitates the funding for the films.An Executive Producer(EP) is the the person who

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written by , screenwriter, story by


In general, Screenwriter/Scriptwriter is a writer who writes content for films, short films.In big budget films story-writer, scriptwriter, screenplay writer can be different persons. Screenwriter

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Cinematographer, Cinematography By


Cinematographer is responsible for all aspects of cinematography.He is the one who puts director’s thoughts/imagination into visual form. He/she is the chief over the camera

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Film Producer, Produced by

Film Producer

Film Producer is a person who oversees the film production. Sometimes Film producer hired by production company or working independently. Film Producer Credits will be

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Film Director chair, Directed by

Film Director

Film Director is the only persons who oversees the creative aspects of the film which includes story, directing the performance of actors, location selection, lights

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Panning or pan shot

Panning or Pan Shot

Panning means turning camera horizontally(X-axis) from a fixed position.ORPanning or Pan Shot means, Horizontal Moment of camera with fixed position. Guide to Panning by Studio

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